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Engelbert Boos - Managing Partner / CEO -  The China Management Network Ltd.Engelbert Boos (MSc., MBA)
Managing Partner / CEO
The China Management Network Ltd.

He is mechanical and chemical engineer with MBA and Chinese language diplomas. He has more than 10 years of managerial experience in China as chief-representative and general manager of a joint venture. As CEO and president of a leading German technology company in China he had the overall responsi- bility for the China holding with 18 ventures and over 4000 employees.
In his function as CEO and managing partner of the CMN Ltd., he focuses on business development and investment in China, particularly in industries such as automotive, chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering as well as in engineering and contracting. Besides various publications about the country, the people and traveling in China, he also is co-author of the international standard work, „The China Management Handbook"– A comprehensive question and answer guide to the world’s most important emerging market, Palgrave Macmillan, London, New York, 2003“. This book provides an in-depth, detailed survey on questions of investment and management in China. Furthermore, Mr. Boos was speaker for the “European Joint Venture Round Table” in Beijing for many years. He is frequent keynote speaker for many renowned organizations on the topic of investment and business development in China. Further, he has an associate professorship on the Chongqing University of Mechanical Engineering in the faculty of Strategy Consulting. Mr. Boos also represents officially with the CMN office in Munich the Municipal Government of Langfang as well as the Provincial Government of Hebei in Germany and Europe. CMN realized in that region more than 20 factory projects on Turnkey basis.

Rolf Rascher (Prof. Dr.-Ing.)
After studying industrial engineering Rolf Rascher earned his doctorate with the Institute of machine tools at the technical University Munich.
As assistant to top management at Rodenstock Munich he was responsible for the evaluation and selection of new technologies and processes in the production.
As head of the Business Unit Photo-Optics/ Rodenstock Precision Optics GmbH in Munich he gained expert knowledge in international sales, distribution and project management.
As senior consultant with ROI Management Consulting AG, Munich he was in charge of international consulting projects, mainly for automotive and automotive supply industries
Since 2001 Rolf Rascher is Professor in Industrial Engineering at the Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences. Besides that he is in the management board of ProTech, Deggendorf – Centre of Competence for innovative production and metrology processes.
Since 2005 Rolf Rascher is partner within CMN and supports our clients in all aspects of appropriate production technology, logistics, sales and distribution.

Christine Boos (MBA)
isis an experienced management consultant, who lived and worked in China for more than 8 years. As managing partner of the CMN Ltd. she supports multinational and Chinese companies in questions of HR-management, sales- and marketing policy as well as in strategic management and accompanies respective processes of restructuring and consolidation. Mrs. Boos is co-author of various manuals and professional articles on topics dealing with investment and management in China.
As associate lecturer at the China-USA Business University, Beijing and at the University of the Federal Armed Forces, Munich, she deals intensively with all aspects of management in China. Her co-publication „The China Management Handbook" – A comprehensive question and answer guide to the world’s most important emerging market” was published by Palgrave Macmillan, London, New York. It`s one of the best sold management handbook about China.

Gensheng Ying-Taubner (MBA, BSc.Medical Technology)
After studying business administration and economics in Munich, she worked as consultant (Roland Berger International) for well-known companies such as BMW, Siemens, Hypo Vereinbank, Walter Bau AG etc. Besides working out market- and feasibility studies and strategies of market entry, she also supports our clients in questions of personnel search, in screening and finding potential Chinese co-operation partners.
Furthermore, Gensheng Ying-Taubner acts as an accredited interpreter for Chinese and German languages. In this capacity she translates for ministers and functionaries of the Bavarian State Government as well as for manage- ment board members of big and mid-sized companies.

Peter Lippmann (Dipl. wirtsch. Ing.)
studied in Germany on the University of Karlsruhe and spent several years as Product Manager in the US. He has been working in Asia since 1983. He managed the Beijing Representative Office of the Otto Wolff Group, a major importer for machine tools to China. Further, he was Managing Director and CEO in Asia for several renowned industrial companies such as Voith Turbo, Knorr-Bremse und FAG Kugelfischer with regional headquarters in Hongkong and Singapore. As expert for re-organization of sales and service entities, he managed the office Greater China of the Leica Geosystems Group in Beijng.
Since 2003, Peter Lippmann consults industrial companies on their market entry to China and Asia as well as on the re-organization of sales and service networks etc. His special business focus covers machine tools, machinery and equipment, automotive sub-suppliers, medical equipment, opto-electronics, fine mechanics and electronics. He also acts as interim manager. Within CMN, he is a competent expert, especially for china-specific and asia-wide topics in sales and management.







Joao Lemos (M. Sc, MBA)
is Mechanical Engineer with MBA diploma from renowned Business Schools in Brazil and China. He speaks fluently Portuguese, Spanish and English as well as good Chinese. More than 10 years, he has been the General Manager of Wirlpool Embraco in Beijing with more than 4000 employees, a Joint Venture with the Chinese State owned company Longda. He managed under very difficult conditions the turnaround in the company from beginning losses to profits according to international standards. Within CMN, he is a responsible partner for projects of investment, business development and operative re-structuring, i.e. within the post-merger integration processes. His further focus is concentrating on American and South American client projects. He supports them on their footprint to China.

Robert Shing
graduated from the renowned Daqing University. He worked very successfully for more than 20 years in leading positions for well-known Chinese and international engineering companies such as American Longway Construction Consulting, Italian Agip Technip, Australian Mike Coop Construction Consulting etc. His responsibilities included technical and commercial contract negotiations and construction site supervision of complex industrial buildings. Key-accounts are with especially big and mid-sized construction projects of western companies in China.
He supported CMN clients such as Qingdao Chaucer Foods and Novem, WET, Carcoustics, Boysen and Möllertech in Langfang etc. He prepared bidding documents and functional specifications up to tender vetting and vendor selection as well as approval procedures, site supervision (incl. coordination of subcontractors, purchase of equipment and materials etc.) and project documentation.
Within CMN since 2007, Robert Shing has been the responsible senior project manager for several projects. He safeguards that the projects could be completed within the fixed budgets and the respective quality related requirements. This applies for the decoration of used buildings as well as for the design and realization of new construction projects. A further strength is his professional support in technical, commercial and intercultural complicated negotiations with the respective representatives of the different interest groups in investment and business development projects.

Gao Yu Hong
worked more than 15 years with SINOCHEM, the largest company of the chemical industry in China. During this period of time she was head of the sales department. For four years she worked for SINOCHEM in Sydney, Australia and was in charge of Asian and Australian clients of the chemical and the pharmaceutical industry, supporting them in all questions of purch- asing and business development. Since 1997 Gao Yu Hong has been consulting western companies concerning purchasing processes in China. Her major focus is on purchasing of fine chemicals and other chemical substances as well as on the chemical application technology industry.
As a professional in purchasing, however, she also works very successfully in many other industry sectors with clients from all over the world and – on request - she handles turnkey projects, too. Since she is familiar with western quality standards as well as with the western mentality, she is very well versed in fulfilling customer requirements in due time and cost-efficiently. Furthermore, she conducts custom clearance and other formalities with public authorities without any problems – thanks to her long-lasting experience -, which is rather unusual in China. As a partner of CMN she is the head of our Beijing activities.

Wendy Zhang
graduated in computer science in New Zealand and works since 2009 successfully for the CMN team. Her special fields of activities and competencies are market- and trend analyses as well as financial background search of target firms. Furthermore, she is supporting our executive search team and within that context also working out the personnel development and retention plans. Special questions concerning organizational structuring and management change are completing her activities and responsibilities within our team.

Eric Li (MBA, BA-IT)
After completing his MBA in the USA he worked as investment manager with Oppenheimer Inc., New York for five years. In that capacity he was responsible for China funds and investment projects in China. Among his clients were companies such as Colgate, Sicpa SA and Unilever. Since 1997, Eric Li has been back in China and supports companies such as German Telecom, Deutsche Bundesdruckerei, Giesecke & Devrient, Honda Motors, Continental, Michelin etc. with investment- and restructuring-projects in China. Due to his extraordinary negotiating skills and his intercultural empathy he succeeds consistently in smoothing the market entry to Europe and to USA for Chinese investors as well as avoiding pitfalls for western investors in China. Eric Li has excellent contacts with the Chinese automotive- and IT-industries.







Volker Kauw (Dr. Ing.)
He graduated as Doctor of Engineering Sciences in the field of civil engineering on the renowned University of RWTH Aachen in Germany. Since more than 18 years, he works in China, i.e. as General Manager of the midsized German company Peiniger International Group (Xervon) in Shanghai. This company is focusing on engineering and implementation of construction related projects in China. For such reasons, he is familiar with all kind of strategic and operative questions with main focus on construction activities. He is within the CMN team mainly responsible for construction related projects with coordinating a team in Aachen, Shanghai and Beijing. Furthermore, he has extensive experiences as interims manager and trouble shooter in mid and large sized companies. As partner of CMN he enjoys a large network of contacts in China, which can be efficiently used in the daily project work.

Lijuan Bao (MBA)
After finishing her studies in China and Germany, she worked as chief-representative of an American-Chinese joint venture (Cheng Bao fruit juice products) in Beijing. Then, she worked in Shanghai as head of marketing in a Joint Venture of HYPO and as chief representative of a global acting, mid-sized German company. Her special strength is interacting with Chinese business partners and authorities.
Lijuan Bao understands - by working more than 12 years for western companies in China - both ways of thinking, the western as well as the Chinese way. Therefore, she is a very valuable partner for sensitive negotiations and she knows very well how to create a win-win-situation for all parties.