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The China Management Handbook

The China Management Handbook
Engelbert Boos
Christine Boos
Frank Sieren
Palgrave Macmillan, London,
New York 2003

A comprehensive question and answer guide to the world`s most important emerging market, Palgrave Macmillan 2003




'A practical guide to investing and operating in the People's Republic, the China Management Handbook shows an in-depth understanding of the wide range of issues facing China and foreign investors in China. The question and answer format of the book is truly unique, and the analysis offered is both pragmatic and realistic. This book is a must read for anyone interested in the Chinese market.
- Michael Furst, Managing Director, American Chamber of Commerce, Beijing

'This book helps managers not only to make money and be successful but it also helps integrate China and the West by pointing out social and economic differences and pragmatic ways to overcome them together in everyday business.‘
- Chris Patten, External Relations Commissioner, European Union, and last British Govenor to Hong Kong

'This book gives a practically useful framework for managers with responsibilities in China. In a straightforward way it manages to provide a comprehensive checklist of the common questions that practitioners need to deal with. A good manual for practitioners taking on the China challenge.‘
- Wilfried R. Vanhonacker, Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

'This is a thoroughly comprehensive guide to doing business in China. A careful reading of the various suggestions and recommendations will help managers avoid many unnecessary mistakes and will provide a variety of ideas for success.‘
- Willem P. Burgers, Philips Marketing Chair Professor, China Europe International Business School, Shanghai