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Durch fremde Welten (Crossing fascinating worlds)
Beijing – Munich by a side-car motorcycle

Durch fremde Welten

Engelbert Boos

222 pages, 180 illustrations, Motorbuchverlag Stuttgart 1991

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Gallery of Photographs: Crossing fascinating worlds

Engelbert Boos managed, what no other German before him succeeded in: He, the „long-nosed“ fellow from the occident, paved his way through the jungle of the Chinese bureau- cracy and drove with his anachron- istic Yangtse side-car motorcycle on his own account from China via Pakistan and Turkey to Germany.
His ability of extemporisation, the intuition for other cultures and an immovable optimism helped him to cope with the 13.000 kilometres-long distance. The author illustrates his experiences with culture and people, with hospitable townsfolk and hard-bitten bureaucrats suspenseful and entertaining in his informative travelogue. In doing so also technical details about the Yangtse side-car motorcycle are not missed out.
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